My favorite donut

Feed a cold, they say, and luckily a studiomate had a meeting a donut shop earlier and brought back extras for the office.

She asked my favorite and I said “Cruller, plain cake or glazed.”

I’m boring.

Crullers have always been a bit magical to me. How on earth do they make those spirals? Turns out you simply pipe the dough through a star shaped tip on a pastry bag. Well that explains that.

This was day two of deep voice for me, little did I know it would snowball over the weekend into FULL ON COLD with a fever, which, according to the tale meant I had to starve myself. (Luckily, I just listen to my body and try and eat adequately no matter what and minimize bad choices, which is a daily struggle.)

Alas, luckily I can still mentally operate in times of physical duress so I was able to keep cramming on work. Which I did, transforming question marks into exclamation points.

And now for some vitamin C to wash that cruller down.