Cher in concert

Cher performing an ABBA song at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, Kentucky

I inherited a ticket to see Cher.

It originally was a gift from my brother to our mom bought many months ago.

We spent the drive down talking about her life and the lessons we may still learn from her.

One of the main things I intend to improve upon is communicating better. Maybe that’s why this photo journal is so important to me…

My mom was phenomenal with the random card with thoughts or appreciation as hand written artifact. When we send such things out into the world, they lift the spirit.

I don’t think it’s limited to print.

Younger generations know the value of communication with videos and snaps and filters and the addition of text and music and all the other amazing things you can do with apps these days. My fear though, is that these messages aren’t kept. It’s hard to do that on a platform that favors instant gratification and hardware limited by space.

There’s got to be a way to marry these distinct differences and retain the best elements.

Anyway, that’s a helluva tangent.

As for Cher? The show itself was a big production that spanned her (quite incredible) career. I won’t lie, I wanted to hear more stories. I wished it was just her and a comfortable chair and a piano player—she could command our attention even without all the dancers and animations.

But I love her, what she’s done, what she’s doing and what she believes.

It was an honor to be there when it comes down to it.

Mom would’ve loved it.

Even from the nosebleeds.