A pile of snow on campus.

Still in cram mode, but I needed to step out for lunch and so very glad I did. The weather was incredibly nice. (And weird too because we had just exited a week of sub zero temperates due to a polar vortex.)

Back on the work tip, I realize what may be part of my value on a project is skepticism—I question things every step of the way and try and make sense of it all. If I would simply stop this I could get more Sundays off! Alas, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will indeed reclaim the downtime.

I did manage to do two additional things of note this weekend: Put together a Schwinn Airdyne on Saturday and rode it for 25 minutes on Sunday. It felt great! Until I finished and tried to walk away. Oooof. I have some work to do.