Grocery meditation

The grocery is great for active meditation.

This, from a man that has never taken a class on the subject but regards the practice with keen interest.

Instead of simply being aware of thoughts, grocery aisles are filled with opportunities for observations.

Someone blocking the aisle?
It is a moment for reflection.
Visualizing meals to make.
Considering friends for breaking bread.

I tend to drift off, head tilted, smiling until I’m snapped back to reality.

Observing thoughts and patterns.
Eschewing judgement.
Cultivating compassion.
Finding stillness in motion.
Focusing on a single point (the next item on the list).

And then all that zen is erased when I check out.

This day’s haul: Wrapping paper, sparking water, flowers, cream cheese, milk and Dream Whip—a whipped topping powder once owned by a tobacco company.