Misc November 2018

Shadow spending time with mom as we went through slideshows on the TV. In this case, mom was looking at this quote from Phyllis Diller and making note of it.

Union Terminal projection

Union Terminal celebrated an extensive two year restoration with a projection mapped week celebrating the building. I missed all of this but luckily Phil Armstrong did not. Here are his photos.

A dozen other images from November that didn’t get posted

Home Depot holiday decorations
Home Depot holiday section
Sayler Park kids drawings
I had a flag meeting in Sayler Park.
view from the Contemporary Arts Center
A meeting downtown.
Kroger MEATS
I can’t tell if this MEATS sign at Kroger is awesome or something else.
CT Scan
Had my yearly scan. I accidentally missed the followup appointment to find out results. High on my list to get on that. I know. I know.
Leesa mattress
After borrowing my friends Tempur-Pedic for a decade, I bought my own new mattress. My back is pleased.
Edie examines Lentil, the surrogate child.
A very forward design from the Ford Motor Co. that was met with some disaffection.
Floofer in the house.
Floofer’s sister Gizmo.