There will be lots of photos from my mom’s house in the coming days.

On this day, the light was so wonderful across the mantle.

The photo on the right is my grandmother and my mom when she was young.

On the left by the snowman? You can barely make out four generations of women, including my sister Robin and niece Gabrielle, at my nephews graduation.

Lots of strong women in our family.

I wouldn’t be the person I was without each of them.

From my grandmother, I value history. She was a voracious reader and knew important moments and characters that shaped our society.

From my mom, I discovered creativity. She can make a blank page meaningful.

From my sister, I get fortitude. She is the rock you cling to among shifting tides.

From my niece, I have optimism. She holds the future in such bright regard.

Related? I had a thought today between other thoughts…

All the traits you admire in other people? There is nothing holding you back from taking those traits for yourself.

I’m on it. I’m going to value history, revel in the joy of creativity, attempt to the be the rock for others and be super optimistic for the future that we make together.