Scan Bag Go

While in Anderson the other day, I visited the new Kroger that long since replaced the one I worked at when I was 16. Back then, I checked VHS videos out to folks and made all those sale signs around the store by hand with some Marks-a-lot markers. It was pretty sweet.

Anyway, the new store is huge. It has a jewelry section, a dessert station and a whole host of other features I didn’t experience.

But they did have this new Scan Bag Go system where you pick up one of these filthy scanners and just scan stuff as you shop. When you’re done, you wander around the checkout area trying to figure out how to leave until you ask someone “How do I GO?” and they scoff as you with the disdain of your cat and point at a dilapidated UPC symbol on a self-checkout kiosk. You scan that and then pay.

Aside from that ending bit? I was totally down with it.