Edie, cozy

felt cat bed

Edie, curled up in her Gatto Basket.

She also likes to sit in it and stare at me with palpable disdain.

I’ve been posting photos sporadically since April of 2003. If you asked me how many products I was provided to review over the past 15 years, the answer would be zero.

So when Tuft + Paw reached out to see if I was interested in trying something out for Edie, the answer was an emphatic YES!

The reason was twofold—I’d longingly bookmarked their cottage a while back, plus also? I’ve been wanting to add influencer to my business card for some time.

In all seriousness though, she loves it. It’s her safe space in the studio when she’s not accosting the only person who is allergic to cats.

Next? I’m going to get her this cat house. She’s worth it and I believe it’s one of those things that will last a lifetime.