Tram Tour through Spring Grove

Spring Grove has tram tours that happen a few times each month with a variety of different topics. Mom and I did a ‘History and Heritage’ tour and quite enjoyed learning about how the cemetery came to be, facts about notable residents, monuments, mausoleums and the trees.

Highly recommended. My only advice is to call way in advance to reserve a spot.

Postnote: This is the first time I favored photos from my phone (iPhone XS) over the dedicated camera I brought this afternoon (Sony RX100). It helped we had great light, but still? Wowsers.

Hi Mom!

A really big ginkgo tree.

Each person got a binder full of history on the tour to follow along. Yay. Also? I’d love to find this original photograph of these architects.

There are no hands on the clock because time doesn’t matter to the residents here.