Had lunch with DJ and Joe Walsh to talk about animated logos (or as I like to call it, kinetic identity) at a place called Chako in Covington, Kentucky.

Charming, authentic, simple and if you get there on a Friday (and only on a Friday), you can order the curry which comes with a bakery item and a salad.

We each got different rolls (pictured below is my spinach one) and split ’em all. Halfway through we decided we’d get some extra toast and it was also so. very. good. Perfect for dipping in the curry.

There was dessert too but those photos didn’t turn out. If you go? Get the matcha roll cake, go with friends and take your time.

Also? Isometric is all the rave these days and I’m all for it because I grew up on Zaxxon and Q*bert.

(Cincinnati Magazine’s overview of Chako)