Urban Artifact

Met up with a friend that had a rare few days in-between chemo sessions where she could enjoy a beer. Though nausea does play a large part, there’s also a strange side effect of not being able to eat, drink or even TOUCH anything that is cold. (Which is a real bummer considering what the thermometer has been up to the past few weeks.)

We decided to visit Urban Artifact and get flights of their seasonal sour beers, and boy did we luck out—so many great beers on tap to try.

I’ll put our order after the cut using descriptions from the taproom, but add that they’re the most adventurous brewers around. I normally don’t favor fennel in things, but in a beer with some lemon? It was savory and totally fantastic.

Whirligig Fruit Beer / 8% ABV / 12 IBU
Midwest Fruit Tart Ale, made with 6000lbs of Blueberries and 60 grams of vanilla beans.

Fire Iron Sour – Fruited / 7.7% ABV / 20 IBU
This Midwest Fruit Tart Ale is brewed with 1,500lbs of Pink Guava, 500lbs of Banana, and 400lbs of passion fruit per 30bbl batch.

The Tumi Fruit Beer / 9.2% ABV
Yellow Mombin Midwest Fruit Tart. 3,000lbs of Yellow Mombin per batch. A tropical fruit grown in its native Amazon Rainforest

BA Lemon Fennel Salad / 6.1% ABV / 8 IBU
Sherry barrel aged lemon & fennel sour ale. A part of the epicurean food inspired series of barrel aged beers.