Back to the supermarket

I just liked the pattern, I can’t actually abide by Cap’n Crunch.

Kroger got me all excited about cooking with their mealkits, but they’re always the same anymore so I just started cooking on my own.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making Chipotle’s super simple guacamole recipe to go with taco night.

I did notice this new meal-prep thing at the grocery below. Unpacked frozen meals fill up a bucket and pay by weight, then heat on a skillet at home. All the proteins and vegetables are coated with the sauce and spices and like, flash frozen or something. After some searching here’s the company line: “Designed to increase seafood consumption and drive seafood sales from white-tablecloth restaurants back to the supermarket.”

Haven’t tried it. I’m sure I will. For now? I’ve got some leftover guac.