Quick Draw at Manifest

Signed up for a Quick Draw event at Manifest Drawing Center that featured live models: an Eastern Screech Owl, a Great Horned Owl and a Peregrine Falcon. (Thanks for the heads up Kathryn!)

I was rusty, not able to remember the last time I picked up oil pastels and drew from a live model. Also realized it’s extra difficult now that my eyes have difficulty switching focus between far and near. (Been avoiding bifocals.)

The exercise turned out to be a wonderful experience that I’d very much like to do again. I love these bite size classes to try new (or old) things and make the most of an afternoon.

“It is not the finished drawing that counts. It is the time spent outside oneself, of which the drawing is merely a record, the ticket stub in your pocket after the concert.” — Peter Steinhart

This quote is pulled from “Why Draw?” on the Manifest website.

Drawing of an owl