A bright spot

Chili Time Restaurant in St. Bernard.

The day started off a bit icy, but I managed to get out for coffee with Lisa. She loves food and shares her passion freely. And we didn’t meet at the chili parlour, that was across the street. But look at that Helvetica!

This old Long John Silvers seemed to match the dreary looking day. Personally? I love these days. They’re great for productivity. No guilt to be outside!

A mansion in Clifton.

I’ll close this all out with a splash of color. Kroger was selling these bouquets to celebrate the first birthday of Cincinnati Zoo’s famous little hippo. She’s everywhere. On t-shirts and cards and tea towels and books and ice cream labels and mugs and the list goes on. Whenever I get a bit too cynical about the news, I like to think about Fiona. How she pokes her head through walls of gloom and brings joy to so many. I can dig that.