Edie, by fire. Also? I need a new website

I’ve taken this photo many times before.

But it’s cold out. I’m nesting and doing work and whatnot.

Never enough whatnot.

But I’d love to know: How many times have I taken this photo?

I’ve had an idea for a new design in mind for this photoblog for about 8 years. But I don’t code. (Yet)

There doesn’t seem to be a nice, clean, simple, life/photoblogging template out there.

Nothing fancy.

No heavily scripted galleries.

Mobile friendly.

A search that presents results visually.

So if I typed in “Edie” I’d see all of the posts I tagged (or mentioned ?) Edie.

Like this:

It’d be awesome if there was some intelligence built in to scrape data from the images and allow for stuff like this, a search for “red”:

Are you, or do you know, a WordPress* developer that might feel like this could be a thing to do?

I’d love to chat. (Email or hit me up on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram)

*Or tell me what other templates or systems might do the trick. Very open minded.