Fellow fellows

From left to right (thanks to Megan for the photo):

Tracy created a newspaper of resources and hopeful stories for those struggling with addiction.

Me? I connected people to neighborhoods through photography.

Brandon paired skilled retirees with aspiring home improvers to bring out the best in both generations, build relationships and beautify neighborhoods.

Tamia connected Cincinnati’s image-makers to each other and to professional opportunities.

Bradley (not pictured, he was upstairs working) imagined a more equitable Cincinnati.

Other Brad (also not pictured) created an online music library to help local musicians with licensing opportunities.

And right now? People’s Liberty is taking applications for the 2018 Haile Fellowship. Two folks will be given the time and resources to see a dream for the community become a reality.

I feel it is REALLY important (for anyone) to look at the questions in this Fellowship application and think about the answers. Maybe you don’t feel like you have a big idea, or you have too many, but you certainly have something burning inside you that you’d love to try. Some need that isn’t being addressed in your community.

And though there are only two slots, soon there will be opportunities for project and storefront grants and you’ll be all the closer to knowing what that thing is. Maybe you’ll find a way to do it some other way.

The thing to think about though is still: What are you passionate about that you’d love to explore?

It’s worth asking.