A Wonderful Moment

A Wonderful Moment

So A Wonderful Moment happened and it was, well, wonderful. The ask was, find some joy captured in a photo and send it in with the story.

Over 225 submissions later, the day drew nearer and it all came together. We digitally printed everyone’s photos and hung them on the walls with captions. And in the bathroom of People’s Liberty we set up a darkroom that somehow actually worked! Folks visiting the exhibit were encouraged to find a photo on their phone and print it out on the spot and take it home.

It was pretty magical to see the reactions to the process. Hope to do it all over again, but first? A long nap.

All this was a part of Intermission, celebrating the halfway point of the People’s Liberty experiment.

There were so many good shots that we developed throughout the day, but this one changed my mind about what types of images to print. One is clearly a SnapChat image with text and zany filters. Printed out traditionally? It’s all the more wonderful.

I particularly loved the person that chose a SnapChat image with filter applied to print!
Aurore makes a few snapshots come to life.

Good stuff.