Kroger Meal Kits

This is not a sponsored post.

I’m kind of into meal kits. I’ve tried lots of them.

If you’ve hung out with me recently, you’d likely heard me blather on about these Kroger Prep+Pared kits. (Prep+Pared. I stutter and gag every time I try and speak that brand name. I even dislike typing it out.)

Anyway, it’s like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but with more prepared ingredients (rice is pre-cooked, most vegetables are pre-cut) and no shipping cost or containers.

For me, this is all about efficiency. I don’t like wasting cilantro. Coconut milk never comes in the right sized package. I like to cook but I’m a bad meal planner.

So yeah, I’m thrilled by these and I hope they take over a big section of groceries and expand to cater to a variety of dietary needs (like high protein for instance).

This Colorado-style Pork Chili? It was good, but needed hot sauce and I added some instant potatoes to make it thicker.

I tend to take photos whenever I cook because Mise en place and all.

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