The Swing House

It’s rare when art and architecture cross paths so firmly as to elicit goosebumps and absolute joy. The Swing House opening did it for me, and I’m pretty sure by my mom’s expression, she loved it too.

What is The Swing House? A three-story home in Camp Washington where all floors have been removed, the walls reinforced with steel beams, and a single swing has been installed in the middle of the space. It’s a project by Mark deJong. The Contemporary Arts Center says of him, “In concert with previous projects such as Circle House in Camp Washington and Square House in Northside, deJong turns renovation, restoration and residential revitalization into a transformative art.”

There’s also an art exhibit in the basement that uses leftover materials from the building in sculptural pieces:

Here you can see more of the scale of this seriously amazing place:

More of the basement installation:

Small world: Ran into fellow fellow Brad Cooper of Start Small Homes :

Might be hard to see here, but note how most of the furniture doesn’t touch the ground:

Oh, there’s a full bath in the basement. Word is, this will turn into an AirBnB. If that’s the case? I’ll be scheduling a staycation someday to swing to my heart’s content.