Coco and the retail apocalypse

I really thought the theater would be a bit busier on evening of Thanksgiving, but maybe that’s a Christmas thing. The retail area outside was strangely (but wonderfully) devoid of humans. I do worry about the retail apocalypse, though I’m not sure why. I’m all for efficiency, so if we replace these structures with gardens and communal kitchens, then maybe it’s okay.

It’s mild, projected unease.

Like when I’ll be required to give up a manual transmission and simply summon a travel pod to take me around.


Pixar’s Coco was beautiful in every way. Totally unlike the cardboard standee I captured to remember it below.

I’d even see the film again in a theater. Especially now that they’re building these tall panels between seats to prevent seeing other folks cell phone screens light up during the show. This is progress I can ease into!