Egg cooker

I have this trainer that motivates me to be less sedentary. Been seeing Larry for about 3 years now, and I’m much sturdier than I used to be—and lots happier.

But one of the things I (constantly) need to work on is improving my diet: Less crap, more good stuff, and lots of protein if I ever want to show those bullies who’s boss at the beach.

So Larry is always snacking on hard boiled eggs and uses this very machine to make ‘em. He says it’s fail-proof and let me borrow it for Thanksgiving prep.

I’ve lived my entire life trying every secret to make hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel to no avail. Until now.

This, is the Elite Egg Cooker, and it might just be worth the space it requires. Oh? And that’s an Amazon affiliate link. No clue if that works as reliably!

File under duh: Putting the egg mixture in a sandwich bag and snipping off the end makes for far prettier results.