City Tour


The third day of the Fellowship and we toured around the city, meeting mentors and other folks that will be helpful along our journey. First stop? Meeting the FotoFocus team at Lightborne to learn all about their approach and the upcoming Biennial in October. (Which I super enjoyed in ’14… Bonus? John Waters!)

Touring Cincinnati Community Toolbank followed with the inspiring Kat Pepmeyer (above). Her organization rents tools at incredibly reasonable prices to individuals and group projects that improve communities. Many hands make light work, indeed.


Spotted this awesome Phoenix logo on the way to the next stop:


After lunch? A tour of the Cincinnati Art Museum with Curator of Photography Brian Sholis. The 30 Americans exhibition was exceptionally good.


“Wigs” Lorna Simpson


“Untitled” Rodney McMillan. This is a carpet pulled from an apartment and all the scuffs and marks over the years remain. At first I wasn’t sold on this piece, but after Brian described art as intentional marks on a canvas, it felt more than appropriate.


“Sleep” Kinhinde Wiley


“Bird on Money” Jean-Michel Basquiat


(I thought the signage for the exhibition was artwork.)

Building Value cat

Ended our day visiting David Dreith at Building Value back in my neck of the woods.