Renting a camera

I read a review of the Leica Q camera by Craid Mod and wondered what it would be like to try one. I’d been to the store in San Francisco but they were out of stock.

Turns out? You can rent cameras. So I did. (And LensRentals was an excellent service for that task.)

The camera? It’s pretty darn dreamy. Even in all automatic mode it does wonders.

Took me a while to figure out how to control aperture. After digging through all of the electronic menus I took a hard look at the lens to find it was a simple, mechanical control dial.

Only spent a week with this rig—and it was very hard to ship back—but I’m super glad to have scratched that itch. I need to do this with other technology to kick the tires.

Tom was my first subject, but naturally I had to take a selfie and a photo of my cat.