2016 Auto Show

Audi A6

The digital dashboard of the Audi A4 was likely my favorite thing about this year’s auto expo, and that’s only because I’ve never sat in a Tesla. Though I fiddled with the controls of the virtual cockpit and felt like it might not be as neato in driving practice. So yay for pretty, but I’ll take an old fashion gauge, thanks.

Toyota Prius

I can’t take my eyes off the new Toyota Prius taillights.

Chevy Spark

Not sure how I feel about graphic patterns on a dashboard, in this case, the Chevy Spark.

Honda Civic

The Civic has come a long way, and now I can somewhat fit comfortably in the driver seat and have a little headroom. The styling and suite of technology included are impressive. (Save for the chrome plastic thing across the grill.)

Chrysler Pacifica

Somehow this D-pillar blackout treatment on the new Chrysler minivan works.

Jeep Renegade

Finally saw a Renegade up close. That detail in the taillight is suspect, kawaii.

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