Sufjan Stevens

I didn’t take this photo. My friend Bob did. After the usher came down to let us know photography wasn’t permitted, I looked down at my camera only to see the message “NO CARD” on the screen. Which is fine really, because then I was able to just sit back and enjoy Sufjan Stevens go through the rest of his set for his latest album “Carrie & Lowell.” And man, was it good. Like, really really solid.

I’ve listened to this record more times than I can count.

I might mention my music buying patterns of late:

  • First, listen to music on a streaming service (currently Spotify)
  • If I dig it immensely I get the MP3s from the artist’s website or Amazon.
  • And if I really love it? I buy it on vinyl. Essentially my record collection is my personal “best of” for any given year.

This album is so heartbreakingly good, I got it the record proper after a few listens.

The live show was even better. With the band switching up instruments from time to time, adding twists to live interpretations that expanded the music in wonderful ways. The background video screens added just the right of mood without overpowering what was happening on stage. By the end of the first act when the disco balls were revealed with a sonic catharsis, I sort’ve wished my camera had a card.

But sometimes you just have to let go and be present. I’m really glad I was.