Familiar signs

This Volvo 1800 ES has been filed into my book of dream cars.

Buckeye Donuts

Went up to Columbus to have lunch with Ray & Sheila, my baseball loving friends who are in the thick of Kickstarting a pretty nifty thing that keeps your earbud cables tidy. I’ll keep pimping it out until the level unlocks with the color I want.

Always nostalgic going back up to the city of my alma mater.

Reminded to visit an entire week so I can see all my friends and revisit old haunts.

Thing is? Everything has changed So Very Much.

Some of the development feels like ‘modern strip mall’ while other bits are solid architecturally or faithful restorations.

I suppose it is like this everywhere.

And while jarring to see the cumulative effect of development over the years, it’s comforting to see old familiar signs remain.

I should also remind myself, some of the stuff that’s gone? It was crap before and not to be missed.

Goody Boy

Popped in Tigertree. I can’t leave that store without smiling, with a bag full of gifts.


I’m dedicating a chunk of fat to Tom for introducing me to Buckeye Macaroons from Pistacia Vera. Sidenote: German Village was in full fall splendor.


This tree on I-75 gets me every time. (It’s just north of the outlet malls on the southbound side of the highway.)