FotoFocus Biennial

The monthlong celebration of photography that is the FotoFocus Biennial has brought lots of great things to the city. In addition to John Water’s talk, there are lectures and exhibits throughout downtown. One particular gallery is dedicated to the work of Vivian Maier, who I’d been enamored with since the story of her street photography emerged somewhat recently.

(She was a nanny in the Northeast and Chicago who always carried a camera and snapped photos, but seldom if ever shared her work. Discovered after her passing, the photographs have emerged along with a documentary that attempts to piece together her life.)

I love her stuff. I almost recommend trying to see the exhibit before watching the documentary. It changed my perspective a bit.

Our small group wandered the city and popped in a few of the other exhibits and enjoyed them muchly.

Maya taking selfie with Vivian Maier
Maya, photoing
Grace and a David Benjamin Sherry print
Grace! Stand in front of that David Benjamin Sherry print.” I pleaded.
Dan and a David Benjamin Sherry print
I asked Dan to do the same
Matthew Porter

My personal favorite were the Matthew Porter prints above. I need to research how the images were made. I’m guessing photography and CGI.

Jjeremy examines the work of Paul Graham

Jeremy inspects Paul Graham’s “34th Street, 4th June 2010”

Moyra Davey

Moyra Davey “Subway Writers”


Kroger headquarters
The architecture of the Kroger headquarters.

I was a little obsessed over this Moiré  pattern caused by the overlapping metalwork of this staircase.
Free Slave Animals van

I don’t know who is behind this Free Slave Animals van, but they’ve got a keen sense of design.