Brahms and Tchaikovsky Festival with the CCM Philharmonia at the Corbett Auditorium.

Before the performance I reflected on the space and the philanthropy of The Corbett Foundation which made it possible. This theater is among so many venues around Cincinnati that were either built or saved by the Corbett’s generosity.

I’ve many friends that have benefited by this organization, myself included. As an audience member or working behind the counters at Riverbend, my life has been enriched by the music and arts their gifts helped sustain.

It was recently announced that the foundation is closing its doors. A natural and intended progression of the organization, there is certainly a note a sadness. But I don’t see this as a loss. It’s a legacy that lives on in the buildings, sure, but also in every person that has come through all the doors on either side of the stage.

It’s a wonderful thing, really.

Honored by the excellent performance I saw that evening, and for many more.