Cocktails & Courses

File under Great Joys in Life: Sharing a table with fine folks and a meal made by my friend Dan Mess paired with drinks by Julie (of Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati). I’m glad I have these photos to replay every course in my mind.


1) Chardonnay Spiced Chicken Liver Mousse with Savory Shortbread & Candied Rhubarb with Sparkling Rhubarb Lemonade with Watershed Gin 


2) Root Vegetable Vichyssoise with Crisped Mushrooms, Fried Shallots, & Blood Orange Oil with Five-Spice Sour: Russell’s Rye, 5 Spice Syrup, Orange 


3) Arugula with Pickled Plums, Basil, Pistachios, & Rice Wine Vinaigrette with Riesling 


4) Five Spice Lamb Shanks with Maple Miso Beets & Garlic Beet Greens with Maple Brandy Old Old fashioned: Calvados, Jerry Thomas Bitters, Maple syrup, Meyer Lemon


5) Cinnamon Tea Creme Caramels with Chocolate Gingersnaps, Blackberries, & Ginger Whipped Cream with Champagne Cocktail, Redefined: Ginger Syrup, Champagne, Orange Bitters.