Meet Larry

This is Larry.
He’s a personal trainer.

I met him proper on November 13 of last year, and unless there’s a holiday or travel, I see him bright and early three days a week now.

Coming from someone who had no experience with any type of consistent physical activity, the concept of fitness was foreign to me.

Larry guided me through the basics of shoring up my core, establish some stabilizing muscles, and now we’re on to increasingly challenging workouts that consider my ability and goals. Every session is equal parts demanding and rewarding.

As I write this six months after that first step in his gym, I can say with confidence that everything you’ve heard about exercise is true:

I’ve more energy.
I am steadier.
I sleep solid.
I feel… better.

Dedicating time, energy and resources to physical fitness has easily been one of the most solid investments I’ve made. And I’ve this fella to thank for making it so.

Larry’s website is Over 40 n Fit where you can find out more about his approach to good health, and meet a few of the animals roving around—like Shadow here: