Editing the Anthology

My friend Zan has a gratifying enthusiasm about things. This manifests itself in lots of ways: her (excellent) photography, love of baseball, cat chaperoning, music appreciation, all sorts of writing, and a love for the overlooked places in our lives.

She’d been working on an anthology and we talked about the possibility of me contributing over pints one day. I said designing the actual pages would be super fun and she took me up on it. So here we have the result of her keen editorial mind, and now I have a book to place on a shelf and in a portfolio.

I’d like to note, on this April day we got together for the last edit of the proof and Zan received word that the original printer backed out because of drawn male nudity. The scandal! Needless to say it made for an exciting and ridiculous scramble to find a different, less ridiculous printer.

Buy The Cincinnati Anthology here or read this interview with Zan.