Intersections of awesome

Ran into Andrew Neyer at MiCA today. This is an intersection of awesome in my book. I seriously dig and admire all of Andrew’s work, which defies falling neatly into any single category. And Carolyn and Mike have made a wonderful shop that I’m proud to have product in.

Things are warming up nicely in the neighborhood down there in OTR. I stopped in to see my friend Brown working it at Rookwood and admired these bears:

Abel Honey Bears

Stopped in Article for the first time and got another buffalo plaid shirt to round out my wardrobe that consists of the same 3 things.

I can virtually feel the eyeroll of hipstercynicism at the beard oil. But seriously, if you have some follicles on your chin, such elixirs do wonders.

The fine day continued to stay solid with a bite and brew at Taste of Belgium.


Speaking of food, dinner was at Nuvo and it was delicious. Here is the spring menu for our evening, but one should note it changes all the time.

Dinner at Nuvo

Capped off the night at Cincinnati Music Hall for the MusicNow Festival.


Dag, just reliving this single day in photos was exhausting (and I even left out the trip to Krohn Conservatory). But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.