The puzzle

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Upon arrival in Roatán, Erik and Joe presented me with a gift. Months prior they’d asked if I could send over a picture of my cat Edie lounging in prayer flags and I sent it along without thinking at all about it. Turns out they made a puzzle.

A meaty one, at 1008 pieces, it filled the entire kitchen island. Once the pieces were laid out, the game was on. And unlike most games, it was a collaborative effort.

We finished it on the morning of the sixth day and decided it was so much fun, we’d stage a picture around the completed work and make a puzzle of that photo for next year. The result is the Last Supper inspired snapshot below.

Of note: Portrait Puzzles do great work. The print job was very good and the pieces locked tight, better than many other retail puzzles. These things really do make great gifts that bring folks together.


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Update: May 15, 2014. Things have come full circle. A puzzle was made of this photo.

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