2014 Auto Show

The tiny Buick SUV has lots of dashboard buttons. I noticed in some of the electric cars that capacitive controls are being used (they respond to the heat of your touch without physical buttons). It’s only a short matter of time where we need not punch buttons or pull gear shifts to control our rides, it’ll be more light touches and some caressing. That sounds weird just to type.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

When Jeep first announced the rebirth of the Cherokee nameplate with a relatively radical departure from their current design language, the general online consensus was aghast. I tended to like the new interpretation of the 7 slot grill and thin running lights. (One should note, the actual headlights are in the middle of the bumper.)

Now that it’s been out for a few months, I think Jeep’s gamble paid off. I’ve seen a bunch of these on the road and few on dealer lots. I got to sit in one at the Cincinnati Auto Expo and it comfortably accommodated my 6’5″ frame. The interior wasn’t overly plastic or faked-out chrome either. I’m not hearing glowing reviews of the new 9 speed automatic transmission, but I’d be curious to drive one proper.


Diggin’ the tight lines of next year’s Mustang.

2014 Acura headlights

I don’t mind all the headlights on modern day Acuras, but the grille flashing is overbearing.

Overall? Another kind of blah year at the car show. I’m still waiting for a new VW Microbus