Joist Caper and two podcasts

I’m quiet and then all of a sudden, I don’t stop blathering.

Today I was a guest on two podcasts with folks in the area. That’s two more podcasts than I’ve ever been in on my entire life. I was nervous going in, but once the questions started rolling, I generally forgot there was a microphone and enjoyed the conversations. Wait, I take that back. The second one with Paul was excruciating.

Have a listens:

The Gaslight Podcast : Where I talk about dream jobs. (30:17) – Hat tip to Gaslight Software

Pixel Recess : Episode #11, Where I want your gratuity. (9:30) – Shade to Paul Armstrong

Sidenote: The photo above is from Central Parkway where they are radically carving out new roads. This old sign and its street art have been spared. I’m fascinated by it.

Some other photos from the day:


Gaslight has the right accouterments in their office.


Next stop? The Choremonster Studios.


One redeeming quality of Paul is that he collects playing cards, but he illustrates with a trackpad so it kind of evens out.