QC Merge


I was afraid I couldn’t fill 20 minutes, but I ended up blathering for more than forty at this year’s QC Merge, a gathering of developers, designers and industry folk that convened in Cincinnati for two days. This was the first time I spoke at length in front of a crowd. (I did whet my whistle a few years ago for a much shorter stint where I rushed through my process of taking photos.)

After finishing, my palms were sweaty and cold from anxiety, but everyone was kind and clapped and made me feel like I didn’t botch things too much.

Stepping out afterward to breathe some fresh air, I caught a glimpse of the Recovery emblem on the door of the CAC and felt like everything was interconnected and happening for good reason. I tip my hat to the folks at Gaslight for thinking I’d be a good fit and for making the whole event come to fruition.

QC Merge audience

Here’s the crowd (pardon the blurry left side)!