Nice bed at the 21c hotel

Got a room at the new 21c Museum Hotel next door to the conference thinking I could simply collapse on the bed after my talk. Being a procrastinator, I managed to finish my slides after pulling an all-nighter. This felt like ample reward.

So there I am in what I consider the best hotel going in the city of Cincinnati. Sure it’s the newest, but they have an angle, rare and welcome. First? Their rehabilitation of the 1921 Metropole building is stellar. They even preserved a collection of camels from previous tenants, currently on display at the entry (story here).

There are public gallery spaces housing a solidly curated collection, and a kick ass bar and restaurant downstairs. Cocktails had a nice tooth and bite, and the meal was delightful. I still can’t remember how to pronounce charcuterie though, but I’m working on it. Just recently learned how to say metastasis and lagniappe so I think there’s hope.

A fancy word for meat: Charcuterie

The camel collection

Not visible in this shot of the bathroom? The naughty bit tiles in the shower

Chris Glass