Thanksgiving, outside

This shot was taken after everyone had eaten (and I had been back for seconds and thirds).

A few things to note: a post Thanksgiving nap is about to happen with the young one there. The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL we ate outside at my Aunt and Uncle’s in Louisville. I mean seriously beautiful, 65° and sunny. And lastly? My camera is losing focus lately. I’ll look into that.

The meal, hit every note. Bonus? Corn pudding (or corn soufflé if you’d rather) and a buffet of desserts. I still have one remaining peanut butter buckeye my aunt sent home in a care package. I’m trying not to eat it this very second that I think of it. Though it would go well with this coffee…

So yes, it was an excellent holiday. Thankful would be an understatement.

Extra bonus? Seeing my cousin Adam for the first time in many years.

Half thought I would need to restrain mom from stealing my aunt’s heavenly bamboo out front.