Back in the saddle

I’m hiding my face because of the guilt for not updating this album since…


After getting back from the tour of Eastern Europe, I:

  • Helped celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday with a surprise party.
  • Visited the American Sign Museum many times.
  • Drove up to Cleveland for the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.
  • Had too much fun at a Radiohead concert.
  • Flew out to Los Angeles for some exciting work stuff.
  • Saw a Dodgers game out there, a roller derby, and Rodriguez perform
  • Came home for a few summer parades, rode my bike, went to a shooting range.
  • Visited my sister for her wedding reception and saw Niagara Falls
  • Nearly drowned at a lakehouse and scratched up my glasses
  • Celebrated a friend’s birthday up in Dayton
  • Ate goetta
  • Went camping.
  • More birthdays and bikerides.
  • Set up at the City Flea.
  • Spent a few weeks up in the mountains of California.
  • Flew out east to catch the most excellent and inspiring Brooklyn Beta.
  • Met Maira Kalman at Creative Mornings. Still in awe.
  • Went back to California.
  • Worked the whole while.
  • Got back to Cincinnati on Monday.

And now I’m back at work, balding, smiling and ready to rock the rest of 2012.

(Special thanks to Dicky out west who nudged me to wipe the cobwebs away from this ol’ album.)

Oh? And happy Halloween everyone!