Maira Kalman, Creative Mornings

Again, every time I am around Tina (aka SwissMiss) there is magic all around us. I had flown in from California for a 3 day trip to Brooklyn Beta and it just so happened that Maira Kalman was the Creative Mornings speaker at the Museum of Modern Art.

And there I was in a taxi, rushing with Tina to get there before they opened the doors.

Once folks started pouring in, I hung back for some bagels and coffee but Tina roped me in to talking to Maira herself.

Sidenote: At every Creative Morning event there are nametags. In this instance, Maira asked the question: “What is the most important thing?” and everyone can write in their answer in marker.

I wrote “My Mom.”

Maira looked me closer in the eye.

“Me too.”

It’s 20 minutes, you should watch what she had to say in her talk when you have a slice of time.