Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace is kind of amazing in that the (many) fountains are powered by gravity through an elevated aqueduct.
The expansive french gardens and grounds made for a fine bit of exercise and beautiful setting.

This would be one of our last outings of the tour and then it was time to pack up and head back home.

A few of us closed out the night attending an opera in the city. At this point in the trip, it was a challenge to tuck in the shirt and look presentable, but we managed.

Opera is universal, but I was kind of put off by the use of cell phones during Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades at the Mikhailovsky theater.
Then again, this might be rampant in the states at this point too.

Great Cascade Sampson Fountain

French Fountain

Marli Palace

Lion Cascade

Sunflower Fountain

Late afternoon meal at a Russian fast food restaurant, Tepemok.
The food was better than adequate (borscht, crepe and kvass), but the best part was having a pointable menu.