The State Hermitage

The State Hermitage is one of the oldest museums in the world and a highlight of Saint Petersburg.
We arrived before the doors were open and went through endless rooms until our legs were sore.
I’m guessing we saw a fraction of what was available.

You’ll note in the 48 some odd photos past the cut that I was drawn to the more modern parts
of the galleries. Sometimes you just need a good dose of color.

Antoon van Dyck – St. Peter

This table looks like a sample kit at Home Depot. I can only imagine such a collection of marbles was extremely rare back in these days.

El Greco – The Apostles Peter and Paul
(You could figure which pieces were worth lots of money because they were protected by glass.)

The Raphael Loggias hallway (Details about the impressive corridor…)

Quick peek outside.

The crowd around Leonardi da Vinci’s Madonna Litta.

Giovanni Battista Moroni – Portrait of a Man

James Cox – The Peacock Clock (Details about this near room sized clock here…)

I liked the colors and graphics of this map. A bit of a respite from the ornateness of the museum.

Georges-Pierre Seurat – View of Fort Samson

Vincent van Gogh – Arena at Arles

Bush (detail) van Gogh

Alexander Column

Henri Matisse – View of Collioure (detail)

Henri Matisse – Dance

Also? With Roy!

Henri Matisse – Family Portait

Jean Puy – Landscape

Andre Derain – Portrait of a Young Girl in Black

Pablo Picasso – Woman with a Fan

Todd (in front of Pablo Picasso’s Three Women)

Picasso – Woman Farmer

Fernand Léger – Composition

Vasily Kandinsky – Composition VI

Vasily Kandinsky – View of Murnau

Giacomo Manzu – Painter and His Model

Exit through the old exhibits getting moved about.

Time for a drink!