Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

A favorite part of Moscow was the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, which sits under the towering
(and beautiful) Monument to the Conquerors of Space (a 360 feet tall titanium rocket shooting into space.)

The museum is filled with artifcats, models, space suits, and ships from the Russian space program through the ages.

One favorite bit (along with all the patches you’ll see after the cut) was an exhibit of space photography that
showcased the equipment and photos from various missions. Old 35mm film cameras that took the most glorious
shots from outside our atmosphere. I can only imagine the stress of getting the shot right and having to wait for results.

If you ever vist Moscow, I’d very much recommend stopping in the museum.

Monument to the Conquerors of Space


One more shot of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, because it’s so dang awesome.