Yalta Conference 2.0

This is our group shot for the trip.
After this, standing in front of ruins, a cathedral, or a coastline seemed pointless. Nothing would compare.

A bit of backstory: Other Chris (3rd from right with sword) saw these photobooth vendors set up with clothing racks full of outfits along the Yalta promenade (an outdoor entertainment area and wide walking path along the Black Sea coast). He said we should do it.

I was a vocal hold-out upon seeing the setup, fretting it wouldn’t look cohesive. When they said we’d have to pick up photos the next day, I thought I had an out. Turns out, you could use your own camera and I happened to have my GF-1. The next hurdle? There were only 5 Victorian outfits for guys.

The rest would have to wear dresses (though in hindsight, it’s hard to tell which is which.)

Three of us gave in and the next moments were a flurry of walking sideways so the crowd forming didn’t see my fat hairy backside as we took our places. Did I mention a crowd formed to watch us? Oh and that dress? It’s wide open in the back, held together by a few strained laces. Not pretty.

Anyway, with all these variables: handheld camera at night, outdoor shot (with lights), and the laughing crowd, we managed to keep it together and make this… dare I say? Masterpiece.

I keep staring at this photo and marveling at every expression, pose, and use of props.

I’m going to get it blown up and framed for my house.