Vorontsov & Livadia Palaces

Vorontsov Palace was a very pleasant surprise. Located at the foot of the mountains in Alupka on the Black Sea, it was built by a prince for his summer home. It’s surrounded by a 100 acre park which provided a nice stroll leading up to the residence.

It didn’t hurt that the weather was downright perfect.

Crimean Mountains form the backdrop.

Vorontsov Palace exterior, back
Relief wall decor. Impressive.
Dining room in Vorontsov Palace


Fragrant azaleas. (It’s handy to have a plant nerd on the trip, thanks Dan!)

Sweet ride.

Sweet Volga hood ornament.

Swallow’s Nest. We just spied this castle from afar.

Livadia Palace Yalta Conference table.


Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and General Secretary Joseph Stalin.
Most of the official photos from the Yalta Conference do not exist.
Our guide suggested that Stalin was displeased and had them destroyed.
The event was held for the purpose of discussing Europe’s post-war reorganization.

Excellent penmanship.

Someone to watch over me.


Bonus photo from the day: This annoying billboard. They were all over the place.