Ukraine state arms (The Trident) on the county hall building.
To Donbass Liberators – a monument commemorating those that fought in WWII.

New for Donetsk? A freshly built Donbass Arena for the Euro 2012 Football Championship.

It’s big.

Because of this huge event, the entire city is being transformed. Buildings being constructed, gardens planted, walls painted, signs installed… it’s quite impressive. They had a few weeks before the event still as we arrived, so everyone was bustling a little bit harder I’d imagine.

Even the water is football commemorative
View outside the hotel room
Ukrainian hryvnia
Triforce delivery
Borscht and then some for breakfast
Ukrainian toilet paper
Temo & Roy
Type on the Liberators memorial
High heels, very much in fashion.
So Chic New York
Meat tree
Candy aisle, sadly not too different from the ones back in the states.