Colleen Wainwright

This is Colleen Wainwright.

She’s good with the words and quick with a smile, among other things.

I’ve known Colleen for years thanks to a half-mad spinster and got to see her for a little slice of time as she traveled through Cincinnati.

As is wont, when you get together with someone passionate about life and work and thinking and making, the hour hand on your watch spins faster. All of a sudden it is time to hug and try and figure out when you may cross paths again.

I’ll wrap this up with a few choice links of Colleen:

50 for 50 – When she turned 50 she decided the gift she wanted was to raise $50,000 for her favorite nonprofit, WriteGirl. She succeeded. (And that’s why she got this haircut.)

Slightly Better – Part of a series about noting the small details. This particular entry is inspired by a card with photography tips by Felicia Perretti.

A Tale of Bloody Epiphany – A five minute video of Colleen talking about fear.