Draw Something

Every once in a while, a (mobile) game comes along that pushes every button I have in a good way.

Like the time you figure out the physics of Angry Birds, there are games that have the right amount of polish and playability.

There have been  others, like:

Everyone has their own list. The latest for me (and many) is Draw Something, a variation on Pictionary pretty much.

I love drawing, and it’s super fun playing with friends. (Facebook as the conduit is perfect in this instance). I spent my entire Saturday night playing this game and barely felt guilty.

Are there issues? Yes, they need more words to draw, and a replay feature would be nice. The upgrade scheme for colors is sneaky, but more power to ’em.

I mentioned online that this game will sell a lot of Androids and iPads, but the truth is, it shines with the bigger screen of a tablet.

This honeymoon phase will surely wane, but for now? I’m enjoying it lots. (The answer to the drawing above was: JORDAN)