Tom and I had the chance to head down to the CAC while they were setting up the new show “Spectacle” and lend a hand. The exhibit is all about the art of the music video so there were lots of monitors to get set-up, queued and ready to loop.

While storms raged outside, we took shelter in the museum and fiddled with electronics all day.It  was pretty thrilling to see everything come together in a mad dash of activity, and more fun to see the
actual content of the exhibit and design of the exhibition space.

The show runs through September 3, 2012. Highly recommended.

Original drawings from Aha’s “Take on Me” video.

Knitted still from the Michel Gondry video for Steriogram’s “Walkie Talkie Man”.

Another specimen from the Gondry video: A full sized mixing board knitted and constructed with super details.

And below, a couple of shots from the opening the following day:

The milk carton man from Blur’s “Coffee and Tea”