A 3D movie about a german dancer and choreographer? Sure thing I’d like to see it.

Pina was marvelous for the great part. Now I feel like I’m always tempering my take on movies but
there were a few moments during this posthumous homage that my butt complained in the seat.

But these were very fleeting moments, and the series of vignettes with dance were captivating.

Paired thoughts:

  • Talented performers of movement and form can be way more delightful in 3D than CGI.
  • The love these dancers had for their mentor and colleague, Pina Bausch, was intensely wonderful.
  • Her take on dance was awesome, as was the way she challenged and integrated the ideas of
    her company. She transformed lives and I can see her influence in many things today.
  • The movie is beautiful. Technology elevates it, but the settings, composition, dancers,
    movement and sentiment combine to form a wonderful portrait of a woman’s life work.